J. B's 2004 Jeep

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J. B's 2004 Jeep
Melinda - PT Cruiser
Jennifer - 98 Durango


Owner - J. B. <I'm not publishing the name unless requested>


Model  Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Year  2004

Miles  29,800


Still driving it?

If not, what did you do with it?

My Problems:

I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that's a lease that was stickered at $33,000.
I had to get new rotors at 18,000 miles.  Now, at 29,800 miles guess what! I need new rotors AGAIN. Chrysler refuses to cover it under warranty even those there are pages, and pages, and pages about this problem on the internet and they know about the problem. I can't wait for this lease to be up.
Icing on the cake...my BRAND NEW CAR was RUSTING - that's right folks, RUSTING, at 15,000 miles, so I took it in to have the rusty parts replaced so my car didn't look ghetto and they scratched my car up - admitted to it - told me they would take care of it - threw some clear coat over the scratches and gave it back to me. They said they "couldn't fix the scratches because they would have to repaint the whole car". Unbelievable. This was a "5-Star Certified Dealer" best of the best right! BULLSHIT




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