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Here are a few.  Let me know if I need to add one or if something is no longer available.

  Please.  If you are in a position to help others with their problems and want your site listed here, let me know.  I'll put up a link or additional information.

Check out these links at Lawyers and Cases site.

Countless Complaints Against Chrysler

All Complaints Against Chrysler

2.7 Engine Problems


Check their crash tests, service bulletins, and defect info database for this car and any car.  Check the 300m.  You will find a number of registered complaints.

  The Center for Auto Safety

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For the happy 300m Owners


Other Web Sites of Chrysler Owners With Problems

  Brad Hutzal's "Don't Buy Dodge" Web Page

Very well done site explaining his problems with Dodge in Canada.

  The Chrysler Products' Problem Web Page

This page is designed to be a resource for Chrysler owners who have had problems in dealing with Chrysler automotive company Web Page

A non-profit consumer advocacy website.  We are not alone with Chrysler problems.

  My Car Sucks

Another Chrysler problem site.

  Daimler Chrysler Vehicle Problems

Another Chrysler problem site.  You must visit this site for your safety.  The Problems are not just annoying.  They are deadly!

  Intrepid Horror Stories Blog 

Dodge Intrepid Blog


Other Vehicle Problems Web Sites

  Mitsubishi Problems



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