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Most of the items on my Problem List put me over the edge forcing me to do these extraordinary steps to get the word out on Daimler-Chrysler automobiles and service.  Many of these have been reported by other 300m drivers that I have found on the Internet.  Maybe some of these seem trivial.  They might be on a $15,000 vehicle.  But this is the "flagship" vehicle of the Chrysler line-up and it cost 2x as much or more.

The "Enthusiasts" Respond

"MOPAR or No Car"

"Ford - Found On Road Dead"

Yeah..  Yeah..  Cute.  I'm impressed with your intellectual capability to analyze my website and come to this realization. 

Some people just don't get it.  Just how are these comments directly related to the purpose of this site?

  The build quality of the car sucked.

  The reliability of the car sucked.

  The service received at two dealerships sucked.

  The attitude and escalation of the problems sucked.

No Car is better than MOPAR.

I've taken some heat on the internet by 300m enthusiasts.  Some people are loyal at all costs.  They refuse to acknowledge that the above levels of quality and service is unacceptable regardless of the brand.  That's fine.  I got no love from this group but I wasn't looking for any.  Somebody has to buy Chrysler if they are to remain an automaker.


This premium vehicle (2000 model) came with a strictly enforced minimal warranty (3/36000 Basic and Drive train) which increases your "pain" as it drains your wallet with out of warranty repairs.  The Lexus ES300, which I consider to be a competitor and superior vehicle, comes with better (4/50000 basic and 6/70000 drive train) warranty which you probably won't need if you trust JD. Power ratings.  Even the "lowly" Camry comes with a 5/60000 mile power train warranty!  If you want this level of coverage from D-C, you need to factor in the cost of an optional extended warranty.

Of what value is a warranty if the can't or won't fix it anyway!

Service That Sucked

Warranty Repairs?  Customer Service?   That's was a joke. 

Here's just how nasty they can be.  

  I had a list of things they never fixed in all the other visits. 

  I was about 75 miles from the end of my warranty.

  I called them up to see if I could schedule the repairs. 

  I explained that I was going to be out of town for a few days and would like to drop off the vehicle during that time.  I also told them that the vehicle might be a couple of miles over the 36,000 mile limit.  It's about 90 miles round trip to the airport.

  They said in no uncertain terms that they would not do any warranty repairs if the miles were 1 mile over the limit.

    They refused to diagnose my problems first (during the warranty period) and schedule an appointment to fix them after the warranty was expired.  This would have been less costly for me and they could have repaired the car at their leisure while I was traveling.  

  So, I had to park the piece of junk to keep the miles below 36,000.

  I rented a vehicle (not a Chrysler) at my expense for a few days so the miles stayed below the 36,000 mile limit.

  I dropped off the vehicle while I was traveling, giving them plenty of time to take care of the problems.  

  Nothing was fixed when I returned and to their delight, the mileage ran out when I drove it home.  This really sucked.


That's typical 5 star service.  Don't take care of the customer.  Don't fix the problems.  There is no denying it.  That's why My Chrysler sucked!

It should be noted that I had to block access to my site from this dealership when I first started this campaign.  They thought they were being anonymous accessing the site and logging in with hotmail accounts to send comments.  IP's are tracked in the message header.

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