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Read this first before sending your "Pro Chrysler Remarks"

Save the bandwidth.  I have read just about everything.  I doubt you will come up with something new that will change the facts presented on this site.  Generally, new comments consist of a new insult or half-baked conclusion.

If you like your Chrysler, here's one site for you  http://www.300mclub.org/

  You will be in the minority if you do send an email.  To this day, the support mail always outnumbers the hate mail at least 100:1.  The overwhelming majority of email I receive is supportive but there are a few from perturbed Chrysler enthusiasts and bigots.  Their response is almost always illogical, childish, and usually results in a personal attack while ignoring the clearly articulated facts on this site.  They typically fire off an email full of their meaningless remarks about being childish, obsessive, or worse.  Yeah, yeah.  I have read those.  It hurts about a millisecond.  Then I yawn and get on with my life suffering no permanent psychological damage.

  A few overlook the fact that I have not owned the poster vehicle on this site since 2002.  I got out of the pig long ago.  This site now exists as a resource for the other victims of D-C poor quality.  So you are not just attacking me.  You are attacking those that take the time to visit this site and post their stories.  It is no longer about my vehicle.  You will see less and less about it as I redevelop the site.

  Any remarks that take a blind eye toward poor D-C quality, their vehicles, and 5=Star service are generally insignificant to me and the audience attracted to this site.  My readers are here because they are people that have serious issues with Daimler-Chrysler currently or have had problems in the past.  This website's popularity is not a result of Daimler-Chrysler quality.  The popularity is from lack of quality and concern for customers.

  Don't tell me all vehicles have problems.  If you do, then we will go down that path to the nth degree someday.  I know it is possible to build a quality production car that has a whole lot less problems, that often sells for less, looks great, is fun to drive, comes with a better warranty, and is supported by a service network that gets the job done properly.

  Along the same line, I collect statistics on who accesses this site and from where.  I've traced back links, sometimes to discussion groups for Chrysler or other manufacturers vehicles.  The typical discussion about this reads like "Pete's" email below when it attempts to discredit me, the site, or the contributors.  Don't waste your time sending comments like these to me.  Nobody wants to read subjective opinions from enthusiast of any manufacturer.  Some people belonging to these groups (a.k.a. club) tend to modify cars and tolerate the poor reliability associated with the modifications.  I have a modified vehicle.  It is not new.  It is not an ideal daily commute vehicle.  It wouldn't pass the test for a quality vehicle by today's standards.  It is not a standard for comparison for a new vehicle.  Nobody should tolerate inferior quality.  New vehicles off the showroom are measured by higher standards and should be virtually trouble-free in stock form or repaired properly by the service department if an occasional minor failure appears.

  I'm not interested in discrediting comments based on the format, spelling, what browser it works with or doesn't, etc.  That's just noise.  This isn't my full time job.  The content is important, not the presentation. 

  If I receive one more email that has "with so much time on your hands" I'll barf.  Just let me know where you live so I can deliver it to your doorstep.  What I do with my time has no bearing on the content of this site.  It's a dirty job flogging Daimler-Chrysler in public.  Somebody needs to do it even if it is during their free time.  But it really doesn't take a lot of my free time.  Don't worry.  I don't let this interfere with my fun.

  MOPAR or no car..  don't even think about sending an email with that content.

  Last of all, if you are planning a personal attack based on my background, ignorance, or experience, think twice.  The owner of this website is not a spring chicken.  I know I'm talking about .  I've been around for a while.  Over 50 if you must know.  Senility has not set in yet.  I've owned many vehicles new and used.  I've owned all the domestic brands and a few from Germany.  I've owned just about every class of vehicle.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some awful.  I've been working on cars since my early teens.  Among friends, family, coworkers, and wandering neighbors, I'm considered to be an competent mechanic and a source of automobile expertise.  I always maintain my own vehicles once they are out of warranty.  I have worked in the automotive business in my younger years.  I'm an automobile hobbyist at this point.  I am still a very capable mechanic that just completed a total mechanical and body restoration of a Corvette.  I know what I'm talking about.  I am very  demanding of quality and reliability from any new vehicle, particularly when it is a "daily driver" vehicle I use in my profession.


Take a look at the following and see if you have something new to say to the readers of this site.  These are samples from the bigots and enthusiasts.


Purported Chrysler Employee Robert Hull Speaks Out

This one is from a person that claimed to be Daimler-Chrysler employee.  If he is truly a D-C employee, it is another example of great customer support.  If I found an unhappy customer using products from my company, I certainly wouldn't add fuel to the fire.  I'd forward the information up the channel to help resolve the problem.

  Here's a censored snippet from Robert Hull, one that claims to be a DC employee.  They do get nasty when you piss them off.  Who knows if he really works for them or that's his real name:

"How about you make a website with all the time that you have on your hands called www.iamaf...ingbigcrybaby.com.  You see, the car was made by man and man is not perfect.  I own a brand new Durango with 26,000 miles on it and haven't had one problem with it.  I work for Daimler-Chrysler and they have their models that do suck"

OK?  Sort of a confused response from Mr. Hull, don't you think?  I guess he agrees that they suck!  Once again, the point is missed.  The car sucked.  The service sucked.  It was NEVER fixed.  Others have serious problems too.

Brilliant!  With the help of a D-C employee, we have a view into the way D-C design and manufacturing thinks.  It's a man problem!  I guess a man from Daimler-Chrysler that builds cars is less perfect than a man from Toyota that also builds cars.  I'd be hiring some of the Toyota men if I were D-C.  They build damn good vehicles in the USofA for a fair price.  D-C must have a bonus program for valuable suggestions submitted by their employees.  Why doesn't somebody let Dr. Z know about this solution to the problem so we can all have better vehicles?  Just write on the card "GET TOYOTA MEN".

Enough fun.  On to the next one.


Pete "the non-typist" is concerned about my happiness!

I received this one August 2006 while I was on vacation.  Yes Pete, I enjoy life.  I take vacations.  I don't sit behind the keyboard constantly obsessing about my Chrysler problems.  I don't have Chrysler problems.  If I have a problem, I deal with it.  If you actually read the site, you'd know that.  But thanks for the concern.

This is your typical email sent by a D-C enthusiast and bigot that, in typical fashion, ignores the facts and attempts a personal attack.

Apparently Pete has done a scientific poll among owners that like their vehicles so much they belong to a 300m (or Chrysler?) club.  As a result of this very (not) scientific study, Pete came to a very predictable conclusion.  There are no problems that are serious with Chrysler vehicles because everybody he talked to said there were none.  God bless them if they love their cars that much.  Somebody must be looking over their vehicles.  Some of us aren't that lucky are we?

  Pete's complete, unformatted, and unedited email to me:

"after reviewing your web site and reading all the information contained within, i have come to several conclusions:
    1: you obviously had some problems with your 300m(some i consider vehicle error and others i am not so sure)
    2: you seem to be a severe whiner and crybaby!
 i currently own my 2nd 300, a 2003 , after selling my 2000 at 100,000 miles and have loved both and have enjoyed both cars immensly [sic] . i have polled other 300 owners i hang around with through our club and while there have been scattered problems(as with any car out there!) the 300 is one of the most enjoyable cars people own. also my daughter's 24 pt cruiser and my wife's town and country mini-van have been exemplerary [sic] vehicles also. you sound a little obsessive to me and should probably lighten up a little and enjoy life and don't sweat the little stuff."

Thanks for the analysis.  According to your conclusion from my VERY detailed list of problems, I (a) had problems with the vehicle and (b) I am a whiner and crybaby for getting pissed off because of the problems and the inability of D-C 5-Star service to fix them.  Perfect.  I knew it had to be me.  Furthermore, you have perfectly articulated the Daimler-Chrysler 5 Star Service party line that most customers have been through.  Unbelievable isn't it?

Regarding your club findings.  Let's put it this way, Pete.  Think of MyChryslerSucks.com as the club for those that dislike their vehicles or D-C in some way.  Let's call it the Anti-Chrys Club.  Obviously a poll of our members won't match your findings for some odd reason. 

  Oh.  I think I've got it!  Maybe it is because people that dislike their vehicles do not belong to clubs that provide a positive support atmosphere for that vehicle or manufacturer!  Once they dislike their vehicle, they usually get rid of it and drop the club.  Then all the unhappy people go away from the club seeking answers to their problems.  In their search for reality, they even find websites like mine.  Now they are a member of a different club that has a collective opinion!  It is not a valid scientific sampling in either case.  But make no mistake.  The collective opinion of the majority on this site is that D-C sucks for one reason or another. 

Let me put it in a different way.  Your finding is the equivalent to polling registered xxx party members and ask how many people in their organization agree with their candidates views.  A few may respond with things they don't like but they'll blindly vote the party line as long as they belong to the party.  This example can be replaced by your favorite politician and political party.  It's all the same.  You all drink from the same punch bowl at the party until you are drunk and stupid.  The smart ones leave the party before they get into this state.

  With all the "exemplerary" [sic] vehicles in Pete's family, it has to make you wonder if Pete gets an employee discount.  I can only speculate but it is a little odd that he only buys D-C products with all the automobile choices available and all his vehicles are perfect all the time.  No problems?  No service issues?  Hmmmm. 

  Finally, what's this comment mean when he says "don't sweat the little stuff"?  I guess Pete doesn't worry about money like some of us.  It's just our MONEY that we work hard for that's being stolen.  Not to be concerned about it anyway, Pete.  I'm not sweating the "little stuff", as you call it.  I got tired of sweating the "little stuff" every day during my commute, when I was renting vehicles to replace the pig, or getting pissed off every visit to D-C 5-star "lack of" service facility to be insulted or have nothing fixed.  Now, I drive a vehicle that doesn't cause me to sweat the "little stuff".  There's more of the "little stuff" in my pocket to make me happy.

Love these letters.  It's amazing what you can extract from half-baked attempts from bigots as they attempt to discredit this site, the contributors, and all the valuable content.



Give it your best shot.  I've got very thick skin.  If I can extract some entertainment value from it, maybe your email will be selected for this page.

Email me directly:  webmaster@mychryslersucks.com





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