Melinda - PT Cruiser

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Melinda - PT Cruiser
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Owner:  Melinda

Where?  Missouri

Model  PT Cruiser

Year  2006


Purchased  May 2006

Still driving it?

If not, what did you do with it?

My Problems:

In may 2006 I bought a fully loaded PT Cruiser, and since lost the oil in my engine not only once, but twice. Not to mention that I had a spark plug foul out between the two oil incidents. The second time my engine lost oil I demanded a thorough investigation of what the damage would be to my engine because I drove forever and the OIL LIGHT NEVER CAME ON!!! I had to go to a local store, buy oil so that I could drive my car to the dealership and then demand that they refund my cash for the oil. When I heard back from them I was told they were replacing the engine in my car and when I picked it up my service summary said "excessive play in crankshaft, replaced engine short block assembly." (Because the best possible solution is to replace only the bottom half of my engine, forget the rings and pistons, they don't mean anything). Then I have taken the car back three times for the belts squeaking and finally they told me even though they hear the noise from the engine, they cannot service my car until the check engine light comes on.

I demanded they buy my car back, emailed Chrysler once, didn't get a response, bombarded them with emails daily and still didn't get a response, called another dealership and finally got a phone number of a local representative who would "help" me in my situation, which has escalated so far for me to retain an attorney (which literally didn't help me at all) and am still trying to figure out my way out of this mess.

Chrysler is offering to replace my vehicle, but it will cost me an outrageous amount of money out of my pocket and my finance company won't extend my loan AND pay the difference in sales tax on the two vehicles. OR they will give me an extended warranty, OR make a car payment, OR install a new engine (how will that resolve anything if Chrysler has had an oil consumption problem with their engines since 2001?!?!?!). Of all the times I have taken my car in for service I have had a loaner car for about 30 days since I bought my car.

Missouri Lemon Law basically protects the manufacturer, not the consumer, I cannot demand that they repurchase the vehicle from me if they offer to replace the vehicle and I am not free to shop for a vehicle I would rather have. I am TRAPPED in this piece of crap with a whistling engine that can be heard from all directions and a halfway rebuilt motor. My car is sluggish, stalls out and NOT at all what I expected to pay $23,000 for. I am limited to picking a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep product that matches the sticker price of my car, and have to pay Chrysler 20 cents a mile for the mileage I put on my car. I hate Chrysler and will never buy from this company again nor will I recommend my friends or family to buy from this company.


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